Who We Are

Company Overview


Based in Crystal City, Virginia, Eminent IT was founded by two post 9-11 Marine Corps veterans and technologist who are passionate about making a difference. We are a company that’s focused on inspiring and empowering veterans that served honorably, their family members and others who share our values by providing them with opportunities to help our customers innovate and improve the overall condition of their organizations.

Our love and passion for solving problems with technology have helped us gain in-depth knowledge and experience. This allows us to quickly identify solutions to problems that our customers usually can’t see on their own. Our ability to help our customers see and think about their problems differently provides them with valuable insight that delivers 10x improvements in productivity, performance, and efficiency.

As an enterprise software company, we leverage software to help our customers turn these insights into actionable results for their entire organization. We pride ourselves on being technologist and being obsessed with innovation.  The level of knowledge and experience possessed by our people combined with our passion for thinking differently about how we solve our customer’s problems is what makes Eminent IT special.

Eighty percent of the professionals hired by Eminent IT are veterans. The rest of our team is just as motivated and dedicated to accomplishing the mission. We believe that our people are our strength. We apply strong team building efforts and ensure that our people live and breathe quality and professionalism in every client engagement.