Case Studies

Some of Our Work

Agile Development and Management

For Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, we designed and developed a custom Case Management System to help manage and track dependent information. We utilized an Agile development and management approach to ensure that the solution delivered rapid business value and reduced overall risk. Agile allowed us to involve stakeholders, to deal with changing requirements and deliver a working product ahead of schedule.

Business Intelligence

For the Joint Chiefs of Staff, we helped design a process to investigate past performance. Our recommendations allowed our client to identify current inefficiencies and perform detailed analysis of information to take corrective measures. Through an enhanced business intelligence strategy, we were able to help drive new insights to significantly improve transparency, reduce risk, and make better and more informed decisions.

Enterprise Architecture

For the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, we designed and implemented a plan to consolidate and migrate existing infrastructure into a more Green and energy efficient data center. This led to immediate cost reductions and long term savings from daily operations down to the transactional level. We involved command leadership and other staff to improve communication.

Information Technology Strategy

For the Office of Secretary of Defense, we designed and implemented a detailed execution strategy, governance plan and strategic vision plan for improving collaboration and document management throughout the organization. One of the key benefits has been an increase in productivity and a more efficiently run organization.

Media Production

For Zebra Technologies Inc, we developed a product marketing video for of their cutting edge technologies. Through a collaborative effort, we worked with Zebra’s sales and marketing team to produce a dynamic video that demonstrated their solution’s capabilities and benefits to their target audience.

Training and Workshops

For Navy Medicine Manpower Personnel, Training & Education Command, we designed and led a Microsoft SharePoint Training Workshop in the areas of configuring, content management and customization. This workshop has led to an organization wide increase in utilizing SharePoint in daily operations.

Digital Signage

For Navy Medicine Professional Development Center, we designed a digital signage solution located in Walter Read National Memorial Medical Center to disseminate command information, emergency and safety information, guide visitors and way-finding. We involved Command Leadership, IT Leadership and staff to produce a solution that supports their strategic goal of improving communication.