Enterprise Content Management Systems

Most leaders understand the importance of having a Content Management System for their staff. In our experience, these leaders don’t have a technical background. Because of this, most of them don’t realize the huge opportunity they are missing out on because they didn’t have an effective strategy in place when they rolled out their solution. Does this story resemble your situation?

If you view your Content Management System as “just another piece of software” then you are wrong. You have in your possession a truly transformational tool that you are not fully leveraging. With it you can increase moral and empower your staff. If this sounds like you, don’t fret. Our team of experts can help you overcome this mistake and get back on the right track. Not starting now would be a mistake. Let us help you correct course.

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Website Modernization

Does your organization have a website that needs to be improved upon and made more efficient?  If so, this is the solution that will get you there. Each of our consultants are experts at helping you achieve more with your website project. We will walk you through the entire process from the beginning to the end. Each of our consultants have mastered our unique methodology that we created after years of successful enterprise web projects. This allows us to improve your organization’s efficiency faster than our competitors.

With our methodology we can improve upon your organization’s websites built on any of the major Content Management Systems from Microsoft SharePoint to WordPress. Not only do we improve the aesthetics and usability of your current website, we also provide you with a dedicated support team to maintain and expand upon the system. It’s time to raise the moral of your organization and build a brand that is consistent with your organization’s level of professionalism. Let us help you take your web project to the next level.

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Custom Enterprise Applications

You have work being done in your organization using inefficient methods. Most likely it’s this way because no one in your organization has identified ways to leverage the latest technology to make it better. So instead of your people focusing their time and energy on more productive task, they are stuck doing work that a custom application could help them do 10x faster. Leading your people is a prerequisite to being a good leader. To become a great leader you have to help them identify ways to do their job better.

For the first time in history, computing power has become a commodity. Our methodology and custom built application framework Revamp On .Net allows us to leverage this phenomenon to build custom enterprise applications that are born out of a desire to increase your staff’s productivity. Building customized digital tools for your people to perform at their highest potential, is the most efficient way for them to do their job. If you agree, let us help you empower your staff today.

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